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Engage Seamlessly

We put data at the service of your retail teams, leveraging AI and our productivity suites to create a clienteling platform that is integrated and requires limited overhead to take advantage of.


Intelligent Opportunities Manager


Omnichannel Client Profiles


In-store CRM

Key Company Features

Opportunities Manager

Leverage one of the industries most advanced opportunities managers.

  • No need to build lists

  • Employee-specific

  • Advanced business rules

Multi-channel Clienteling

Allow store staff to start chats or send product recommendations straight from Clientela’s client profile. We link with all supported chat APIs, emails, SMS, iMessage, and click-to-call.

Omnichannel Client Data

Track all available digital client data in one place:

  • POS and eCommerce

  • CRM platforms

  • Marketing platforms and more

Product Integration

Clientela is able to link to multiple product sources for Clienteling and assisted shopping: eCommerce products and pictures, in-store inventory, or DAM (Digital Asset Management).

Goals and Reporting

Easily set objectives and track employee or store-specific Clienteling activity: sales conversion, client data capture, tasks completion, productivity and more.

In-store CRM

Clientela can either integrated with a centralized CRM solution or become your Retail CRM solution. Retail teams and in-store employees can collaborate seamlessly around customer data.


Key Client Features

Multi-Channel Communications

Allow clients to communicate with their preferred communication channel: email, SMS, iMessage, chat apps, and calls.

Store Services

Clientela’s store services, including Online Booking, Style Match and Ask A Store are accessible to Clienteling customers, thus allowing them to chose how and when they want to connect locally.

SMS and Visual SMS

Clients receive automated and interactive SMS or MMS notifications for more convenient interactions (appointment confirmations and reminders, in-store pick up reminder, events RSVP, etc.).

My Store Profile

Allow clients to view store-specific details. Features include: Appointments manager, Store Wish List, Notification Preferences, Purchase History, Styling Preferences, and more.

Apple Wallet

Our Apple Wallet / Passbook integration allows clients to quickly and easily add store-related appointments, events and offers without the need to download a branded app.

Native Apps

When relevant, Clientela activates a branded native app for clients to download to interact with the store, book appointments, receive notifications, manage their local preferences and more.