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Convert Online to Offline

We built a complete framework to allow undecided shoppers to connect with local retail via a set of tailored digital services designed to engage and qualify prospects anywhere online: social media, .COM, search engines, partner sites and more.


Integrated with Clientela’s scheduling and calendar


Allow store staff to contact clients across channels


Customizable journey by industry, region, or location

Key Client Features

Store Locator 2.0

Upgrades the store locator experience and makes it easier to convert online users to in-store clients.


Converts undecided shoppers to their nearest location from social media.

Custom Online Booking

Online Booking is about much more than picking a date and time. It is an opportunity for clients and the brand to get to know each other.

Ask A Store

Offer an alternative to the antiquated “calling a store” option with an easy to use, mobile service.

Style Match

Allows clients to send pictures to stores as inspiration for staff to engage.

Events RSVP

Allow clients and prospects to browse through local events and easily RSVP.


Key Company Features 

Digital Services Manager

Control at a store level which digital services to offer customers and how they interface with the store’s team.


Clientela’s Local Store Interface optimizes search engine results and allows clients and prospects to more easily connect with local stores

Events Manager

Allows your Marketing and PR teams to easily create events to engage prospects and clients locally. Connect events to your sales for ROI.

Conversion Reports

Set custom reporting based on specific business requirements and aspects your brand is looking to track more specifically.

Drive-to-Store Feed

All digital touch points allow for qualification and prioritization of prospects and clients.