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Time Reimagined


Our Productivity Suite is designed to optimize the way in-store resources are managed, tracked and trained for success. It integrates seamlessly with our Clienteling and Drive-to-store suites, allowing employees to make the best of their time.


Digital Calendar


Time Planning Collaboration


Productivity KPIs & Goals

Key Features

Scheduling 2.0

We replace the store’s Excel schedules with an advanced, interactive digital calendar that allows to quickly and easily manage schedules, vacations, lunch breaks and last-minute changes.

Set and Track Goals

Clientela’s platform allows to set store and employee specific goals, then track them with visual progress bars : sales, appointments, Clienteling and more.


Clientela’s Productivity Suite is designed to simplify the day-to-day operations of store employees and the brand’s retail teams with a wide range of roles and permissions options.

Resource Planning

Whether your brand has a few locations or a large global network of stores, Clientela’s platform allows to plan resources to align them with seasonal traffic, employee specialties (e.g. product categories, languages, etc.)

Notifications & Alerts

Quickly and seamlessly update all team members and highlight conflict or lack of resources in your stores

Productivity Reports

Gain invaluable insights on where your team’s time goes and how to maximize their particular area of expertise