Seamless and Integrated

We put data at the service of your retail teams, leveraging AI (Artificial Intelligence) and our productivity solutions to create a clienteling platform that is integrated and effortless to use. 


A Multi-Channel Touch

We allow your store team to communicate via all your customers' channels, including email, WhatsApp / chat platform, SMS and voice.




Our clienteling solutions are integrated with our productivity suite, an advanced scheduling and time management engine. We leverage artificial intelligence to design your store team's most effective day for them.


Any Data, Any Device

We integrate with data sets from dozens of platforms: POS, eCommerce, ERPs, ESPs and more. Today, your company can leverage a solutions that works on any device, with any data set. 


Work, simplified.

We combined the power of CRM with our Productivity Suite to create a Clienteling solution that is clear and engaging for your teams and easier to track for managers.

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