Client Facing 


Store Services

Allow clients to select their preferred way to connect with your stores (Online Bookings, Ask a Store, Style Match and more), select their favorite Salesperson and find out when they are available in-store.

Product Recommendations

Clients can easily view products sent by the store and Sales Associates, then pick their favorite items. Clientela also handles current local product inventory.

Multi-Channel Communications

Allow clients to interact with store staff with their preferred channel: email, calls, iMessage, SMS or chat apps (e.g. WhatsApp, Line and more)


Support for 100+ Languages

Clientela’s customer interface can be customized to over 100 local taxonomy, including languages (e.g. English, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic), character sets and currencies.

My Store Account

Clients can easily access their account to view store-specific product recommendations, wish-lists, edit their communication preferences, styling preferences and more.

GDRP Compliance

Clientela’s platform is GDRP compliant and is designed to quickly evolve and adapt to new regulations and requirements. Clients can easily view and edit their communications when and from where they please.